Organizational structure


The duties of the elements of the BPM organization are explained as follows.
1. Duties of the Chairman of BPM
a. Coordinate the making of the work program of the quality assurance unit at the UNISMA level;
b. Coordinate device manufacture (document) required in the implementation of the quality assurance system;
c. Coordinate the implementation of the quality assurance system at the UNISMA level;
d. Coordinate the implementation of monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the UNISMA quality assurance system;
e. Coordinate the development of the UNISMA quality assurance system on an ongoing basis.
f. Reporting the implementation of quality assurance and quality audit to the UNISMA Leader Pimpinan;
g. Implement policies and achieve BPM quality targets through meetings
routinely to measure the accuracy of policies and targets;
h. Disseminate quality policies and objectives in all BPM elements to
raise awareness, motivation, and involvement of the academic community;
i. Ensure that standard customer requirements are implemented throughout
ranks of BPM with the implementation of training for each member and staff of BPM;
j. Ensure that appropriate management processes are implemented and customer requirements are met so that quality objectives can be achieved.
2. SPMI Development Division Duties
a. Collecting quality document data, lecturer, employee, college student;
b. Setting up an information system for the UNISMA database;
c. Prepare and refine SPMI documents;
d. Reporting SPMI document development activities.
3. SPMI Implementation Division Tasks
a. Preparing Internal Quality Audit assessors (WHICH) Faculty in UNISMA;
b. Coordinate the implementation of AMI in the UNISMA environment;
c. Reporting the state of the UNISMA database;
d. Reporting on the activities of AMI UNISMA.